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[PC2] FFB 3.0 - Test Porsche TAYCAN 4S

New version of force feedback for Project CARS 2 and Project CARS PRO games.

Still with the aim of improving the force feedback for the Project CARS 2 & PRO game, I had the immense pleasure of being able to try, thanks to the Kronos Porsche Center dealership of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), an extremely special vehicle.

The new Porsche Taycan 4S.

With 571 horsepower in its Launch Control configuration, accelerations are more like those of a space shuttle than a sports car. At no time does fear take hold of us, as the behaviour is so healthy and predictable. In spite of its weight, due to the SAMSUNG batteries, placed at the lowest point in the vehicle, the car makes a series of bends like a TGV riveted on rails. An extremely versatile vehicle that is both docile in the city and can turn into a monster in a quarter of a second...

An extraordinary vehicle, with monstrous torque thanks to the BOSH engine.

The TAYCAN is the first sporty electric vehicle that, in my opinion, opens up a new era.

Especially with its unique sound, which is a plus over the competition.

It's a perfect opportunity to see the evolution and the work Porsche has done on this vehicle, but above all, it's a great opportunity to store information on the subtleties of Porsche's behaviour and transmit it into the game.

I'd like to thank Kronos Porsche Centre Louvain-la-Neuve for their welcome, friendliness and helpfulness during this road test. In particular Mr. Jonathan Nuyts, who did not hesitate to answer all the technical questions and make things as pleasant as possible despite the circumstances we are experiencing today.

It's nice to feel comfortable in this sporty and luxurious environment, even if unfortunately the budget doesn't allow it yet.

What about Project CARS 2 in all this, you may ask?

Working on force feedback in a game is a particular technique because you don't have the references. With more than 2000 hours, with the complexity of LIVE TRACK, and the subtleties of the different categories, it is extremely hard to find the right compromise.

Unless you have a perfect garage, you sometimes try to estimate the behavior, imagine and if the opportunity arises, as with the TAYCAN test and appreciate.

At the release of Project CARS 2, I had the great pleasure to be invited by NAMCO BANDAI France for a day on the track. Accompanied by an instructor, it was possible for me to drive extraordinary vehicles like the AMG GT, the 911 GT3 RS or the good old Ford Escort MK2 present in the game.

Getting back behind the wheel of a Porsche sports car allowed me to better understand the subtleties of this brand. Its reactions, what it feels like in the steering wheel, and what it should look like in the ffb.

We have to keep in mind, that a good feedback force must transcribe the steering column, but also some effects of movements and mass transfers. While remembering that a simulation, no matter how advanced it is, should be fun. We don't become a PRO driver thanks to video games, but we're going to feel sensations close to reality and have fun.

Porsche estimate

If you haven't done so yet, I invite you to download Charles' latest creation, the Porsche 992 Carrera 4S, which I think perfectly captures the latest Porsche creations. Healthy handling, a perfectly reproduced sound, including for gear changes.

Not to mention the next big news, the 919 Hybrid EVO, which will open the door to an all-new range of Porsches in the Project CARS 2 game.

Stay tuned in the next few days, as there will be many surprises...

The new FFB 3.0 file


In game

It is important not to forget the calibration in the game. On this version we will start with a 900° rotation. Turn your steering wheel to the left to reach parameter 100, return to zero and then set the steering wheel to 900° while validating the steps. If this step is not carried out correctly, the feedback force will not be able to work optimally.

However, as each type of steering wheel has its own rotation, it is imperative to check the characteristics. If your steering wheel has 1080 degrees, for example, you can perform the calibration taking this parameter into account.

Important information: Only the gain varies depending on the vehicle.

Since every base has its own technical specifications, it is impossible to establish exact values for every vehicle. Following your numerous feedbacks for which I thank you, we decided to give from now on a range of gain, and each one, according to his desires, will be able to adapt this parameter.

Just take into account that a force feedback should be neither too hard nor too soft, in order to have a clear and unsaturated signal. Small adjustments are sometimes necessary depending on the circuit.

Force Feedback Test Conditions

Playseat de type F1 - Casque Oculus Rift - Base Fanatec 2.5 - volants Fanatec


In order to properly calibrate the ffb, it is important to always perform a test for each vehicle under exactly the same conditions. Time of day and weather conditions can affect the feedback force.

The exact conditions for each force feedback test. Many of you have asked me to change the circuit. The Nürburgring Combination does indeed provide excellent testing ground.

Main changes compared to the previous pro version.


  • Tarmac feel adjustment

  • Tire friction adjustment

  • Better suspension oscillation balance

  • More direct steering and balance of the rear axle

  • Better management of torque and forces

  • Slip point balance

  • Mass transfer

V 2.0

  • Pneumatic adjustments

  • Mass transfer adjustments

V 3.0

  • Deadband adjustment

  • Better tyre feel

  • Front and rear working balance

  • Tyre friction

V 4.0 ( soon )

  • brake feel

Madness Garage Force Feedback

Adjusting the feedback force is an extremely personal matter. Each driver has his or her own particular desires, his or her interpretation of the forces to be felt and the behaviour of the vehicle.

The attached file is a strict personal interpretation.

This force feedback has been primarily designed to bring out the qualities of the Madness Engine as best as possible. It represents several hundreds of hours of work, various tasks and an understanding of the file. It does not correct the various defects that may remain in the game.

It is important to note that a vehicle tuning also has an impact on the feedback forces . I invite you to test the vehicle with a default set up.

In no case it has been designed to move faster on the track and set a better lap time. Only talent will allow you to reach the first places.

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