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Mis à jour : juin 28

The new home for Project CARS fans.

A name that sounds familiar, and that's the point. The idea has been on my mind for a long time actually, but time was hard to find.

Today's circumstances have made it easier.

Slightly Mad Studios

The basis

Slightly Mad Studios has created a magnificent graphics engine, the MADNESS ENGINE, which is the heart of one of my passions. It's hard to explain it, but after 2000 hours of games, not to mention more than 200 hours devoted to the feedback force, at each launch of the game, the fun remains intact.

Chris Goodwin - McLaren Test Driver

The Project CARS adventure

Unexplained passion...

I still remember watching Wall Stark's live shows and drooling over the first opus. Taking part in the WMD Project CARS 2 also remains an unforgettable moment and I keep a deep hope that IAN BELL will finally accomplish his mission on the future SMS title.

How can I forget my time at the Virtualdrivers by TX3, where I had the immense pleasure of forming a magnificent pole, with great people. How could I forget the capricious, but so talented StorM, DiHeidi, Cosworth, and especially guibZ, my sidekick who follows me in all my adventures, still today. A beautiful friendship still binds us together today. It would be difficult to name everyone here, but to see these riders progress has been a great pleasure for me.

TX3 storM - Instagram

Madness Garage

But what for, you may ask? A desire to simply highlight the people who, every day, through their passion, bring quality content to this game. Whether it's feedback, but also mods or simple tutorials.


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