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[PC2]Tutorial The Ferrari Monza Configurator

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First of all, I invite you to go to the modification folder of your mod.

The Project_Cars_Change_Configurator application is available. I invite you to create a shortcut on your desktop. It will be easier to find and manipulate it.

Just click on it to open it. Enlarge the window to full size.

Step 2: The start of the configuration

It is important to bear in mind that setting up the configurator is a complex part. The different colours can vary in the game showroom.

There are 6 possibilities for the arrangement of the different colors.

It is important to carry out some tests in order to become familiar with this functionality.

The color scheme. Here as an example three random shades.

  • "Color1" is the main hue.

  • “Color 2" is the tint on the rear air intakes and lines on the hood.

  • “Color 3" determines the tint of the writing on the rear air intake.

It is possible to remove the inscription on the air intake by selecting the variable "no logo".

As you can see, colors may vary slightly depending on location and lighting.

The Ferrari Shield allows you to remove logos from the sides of the vehicle.

Wheels allows you to select three types of rims.

  • The Standard Tint

  • The Diamond Cut Shade

  • The Gold Shade

Caliper offers you a choice of eight shades selected from the Ferrari catalogue.

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Gold

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Silver

  • Yellow

Wheel center cap allows you to change the logo shade in the center of the rim. Three possibilities:

  • Standard

  • Red

  • Carbon

Regarding the personalization of the seats, you have the following three elements at your disposal.

  • Interior / main color is the exterior part of the seat

  • Interior / secondary color is the seat and backrest of the seat

  • Interior / center stripe is the central part of the seat as shown in the photo opposite.

Two possibilities in the seams of the seat. The Stitching part, which is the main seam surrounding the whole seat, and the Stitching center stripe part, which is only the central part of the seat, connected directly to the Interion / center stripe.

Gauges and change of the bottom of the tachometer.

  • yellow

  • Black

  • Red

  • White

  • Aluminium

Bonnet controls the opening of the engine hood.

To be used only during photo shoots of course.

Two possibilities for the pilot's outfit.

A Vintage and a more modern one.

You still have to validate your choices and launch the game. The Apply Configuration button validates your choices.

In the game, your vehicle ends up under the next skin.

The open Fiorano circuit is the finishing touch. The feature allows you to access the parts not allowed by the game and take great pictures.

Good luck to you and have fun.


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