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[PC2] FFB Madness Version 2.0

Mis à jour : juin 28

New version of force feedback for Project CARS 2 and Project CARS PRO games.

First of all let me say thank you for all the warm comments received from you.

Your comments were important and we have taken them into account for this version 2.0.

Since version 1.1, we have managed to do without one parameter, the volume, which remained fixed.

This is still the case in version 2.0, but adjusted to the value 52, which best reproduces the physics of the vehicles according to our tests.

However, I am aware that some will find too much effect in mass transfer. That is why, you will only have to decrease this value as you wish, while keeping the right proportions.

Assuming that by decreasing the volume by one notch, you can increase the gain directly by one notch as well. This will allow you to easily find an optimal setting.

The LIVE TRACK 3.0 has its perverse side and we realized that it is important to have the same basis for your tests. Not taking this into account could distort your feeling and discourage you.

The driving position is also extremely important. A position changed by a few degrees has an influence on the forces felt. Just like the stiffness of your sim racing chassis.

It’s important to choose something stable, especially with more advanced bases.

Concerning the file, a new version is available. Some minor adjustments, while keeping the original spirit of version 1.0.

(click on the image to start the download)

For the Fanatec settings, many of you have asked me for the FanalLab file.

(click on the image to start the download)

Concerning the direct drive type bases, it is impossible for me to test them for lack of material. But keep on giving me your feedback and we will certainly try to propose a version for each brand of steering wheels.

It’s important not to forget the calibration in the game. On this version we will start with a rotation of 900°. Turn your steering wheel to the left to reach parameter 100, return to zero and then place the steering wheel on 900° while validating the steps. If this step is not carried out correctly, the feedback force will not be able to work properly.

Important information : Fanatec steering wheels can be rotated automatically. It must be set to "auto" in the Fanatec panel or via the Fanalab software.

The Madness Garage force Feedback file is developed exclusively on a basis of

Fanatec 2.5. The various DD, Thrustmaster and Logitech flywheels may feel different. It is important to take this parameter into account and adjust it according to your desires and your personal feeling.

Force Feedback Test Conditions

Playseat de type F1 - Casque Oculus Rift - Base Fanatec 2.5 - volants Fanatec - soft PC2 Tuner


In order to properly calibrate the ffb, it is important to always perform a test for each vehicle under exactly the same conditions. Time of day and weather conditions can affect the feedback force.

The exact conditions for each force feedback test. Many of you have asked me to change the circuit. The Nürburgring Combination does indeed offer excellent testing ground.

Main changes compared to the previous version pro.


  • Adjustment of the tarmac feeling

  • Tire friction adjustment

  • Better suspension oscillation balance

  • More direct steering and balance of the rear axle

  • Better management of torque and forces

  • Slip point balance

  • Mass transfer

V 2.0

  • Pneumatic adjustments

  • Mass transfer adjustments

Madness Garage Force Feedback

Adjusting the force feedback is an extremely personal matter. Each driver has his or her own particular desires, his or her interpretation of the forces to be felt and the behaviour of the vehicle.

The attached file is a strict personal interpretation.

This force feedback has been primarily designed to bring out the qualities of the Madness Engine as best as possible. It represents several hundreds of hours of work, various tasks and an understanding of the file. It does not correct the various defects that may remain in the game.

It is important to note that a vehicle tuning also has an impact on the feedback forces . I invite you to test the vehicle with a default set up.

In no case it has been designed to move faster on the track and set a better lap time. Only talent will allow you to reach the first places.

This file has been validated by two Madness garage development drivers.

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